Quality:Modern high precision production equipment and advanced testing equipment, skilled professional and technical personnel and experienced management personnel, to develop high-end, quality qualified precision products.

Delivery time:In the time you specify, you will finish high quality product.

Service:Special after-sales service department, visit customers regularly, reduce intermediate links and improve service efficiency.
We are responsible for the after-sales service for all the products sold, and we have specially formulated the responsibility and quality remedial measures for each department.
Sales department is responsible for customer complaints timely feedback to the company, the company to develop solutions and service measures to the production department, the implementation of after-sales service work. The quality supervision department shall be responsible for quality inspection and supervision, while the production and technical departments shall cooperate with each other in accordance with the solution.
Collect customer feedback of product information, according to the customer, identify the cause of situation analysis, proposed solution, under the guarantee to meet customer requirements, with the fastest speed to solve the problem.
Unluckily for the monitoring delivery, product quality in strict accordance with the standards and indicators are calling for the customers, for every batch of products are related inspection report issued according to the testing data.
In the process of using the technology, the company will reply in the first place after receiving the notice. If we need our professional staff to cooperate in the field, the mong shops will be able to cooperate with you in a thoughtful and careful way.
If there is a complaint phenomenon, the company will communicate and deal with it in a timely manner.
Dongguan Yujia Metal Products Co., Ltd. Is located in the beautiful city of the qingxi town of qingxi, dongguan city, the traffic is very convenient.The company has been established in 2007, registered capital: one million RMB, the company covers an area of 3800m². In 2013 passed the ISO9001:2013; Through TS16949:2009 certification.Since the establishment of the company ... [More]
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